The Feather River Men's Center is a chance for those men who want freedom from life controlling addiction. Founded since 1991, the program seeks to help men regain control of their behavior by helping them recognize their unproductive patterns in life and encourage them to seek new solutions to the problems and difficulties that life can bring.


Our Mission

Our mission is to carry out God's will by loving the broken. By doing so, we are able to lead men to a relationship with Christ. When one knows Christ, all things are possible. It is then that addictions are conquered, lives are restored and families are reunited!

I believe the program works because God is involved in the healing process. The Feather River Men’s Center provides a holistic approach that not only helps men overcome addictions, but also brings healing and restoration to their families.
— Steve Durfor, Yuba County Sheriff

Our Program

During the 12 to 18 months, the students will complete a five phase curriculum designed to lead them through rehabilitation and into a new life of freedom from controlling addictions.

Students participate in: daily classes, work program, as well as spiritual and social activities.


The Feather River Men’s Center is the first program I consider when referring men to long term drug treatment. The finished product, lives permanently changed by Christ, cannot be beat.
— Dr. Joe Cassady, Yuba County Healthy Officer